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We currently have 6 dogs residing with us and they are all a huge part of our family! Tilly, Harley, Mylee, Topaz & Sahara are our breeding staffy's. They are all from champion bloodlines with NO hip, eye or skin problems. All of our dogs are HG and L-2-HGA CLEAR. Bentley is our blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, my ultimate lap dog! They are not kept in kennels but run together. They spend plenty of time exploring gully's, climbing the hills & swimming in the dams. You can often find them cuddled up together, all trying to squash into one bed even though there are several to choose from! All of our staffy's are such "love bugs", they think they are still small enough to be lap dogs!

You can view their individual pages for some information on them and also have a look at the photo albums page for lots of pics.


          Dogs are not our whole life.......but they do help to make our lives whole.                                  


          Topaz, 4 weeks old, what a sweetie pie.                   



    Sahara 6 weeks old.                Mylee, having a cuddle. 



 Harley, 6 weeks old. What a cutie!! 






 Tilly 8 weeks old.


Bentley is 9 months old here



To view our old mates Phoebe & Maggie's pages, sadly deceased, click on their names.

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