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 Topaz 4 weeks old.

Topaz is HC and L-2-HGA CLEAR.

You can watch Topaz growing up on the photo album's page.

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Topaz is the first puppy that we have bred ourselves that we have been able to keep, so she's very special! She is an absolute sweetheart, so friendly and loving. Topaz always want to be with you, loves to climb up onto my lap for a cuddle. At the moment she's having a great life playing and exploring with her little mate, Sahara as well as with the big kids, who already love her! 

Topaz is turning out to be a very pretty little girl. She loves to be exploring out in the paddocks and around the dams. She loves to go in for a cool off too. Topaz will have a doggy paddle too now as she follows Mylee in and around the dams. She also loves to bring a "traveller" back with her to the main yard to play with, this could be a stick, a piece of bark, some lilly pads, a piece of tree root, Topaz is a great collector.

Whenever we come home, Topaz has to pick something up to show us, even if it's just a stone, she thinks it's a marvelous trick! She's turning into a chunky little lady, so sweet & beautiful & still insists on being a lap dog! She just can't get enough cuddles

Topaz is the most wonderful mummy too, now that she's a big girl! She takes such good care of her babies, keeps them lovely and clean and beautifully cozy, she can't cuddle them in close enough!


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