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HAZEL ~ Wamphyri Midnight Sun

Hazel is just an absolute delight to have as part of our family! She fitted in to our pack from the moment she arrived. 

Hazel LOVES water & to swim! It must be her favourite thing to do, swimming in the dams. She's usually the first one in to the water and the last one to get out, haha. 

She was fairly easy to train with treats as a motivator, although all corgi's are stubborn to some degree and can be too clever for their own good. Having said that Hazel has been one of the easiest puppies to toilet train, huge bonus!

Hazel is great in the car, loves to go out with us to the beach or the river or to visit friends, especially Hugo. Hazel is great cuddler, she loves her kisses & cuddles & is a very friendly girl.

Hazel is an active pup who loves to run and play with her friends. Her best friend is Harriett, closely followed by Cadence :)

Our corgi's all get on great with other dogs, cats, chooks, horses, cows & kids :) Of course small children & all dogs should always be supervised.

Hazel is a red & white corgi.

Have a look at the photo albums to see some photo's of Hazel.

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