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HUGO ~ Wamphyri Never Ending Story

Hugo is a beautiful boy! He's very confident & independent, has been since the day he came home! This made socialising him super easy as he is always ready to go on new adventures. 

Hugo is extremely intelligent! He's so quick to learn new tricks. He also LOVES people to the point that he wants to say hello to absolutely everyone we walk past haha.

Hugo loves to go on walks, loves his food & loves to play in water! If he has any opportunity, he's straight in the water, whether that's at the beach, pool, puddle, the dam, wherever.

Hugo does have the typical corgi trait of being stubborn at times, but this can usually be overcome with with food or other treats & just a little coercing haha. He is still a puppy so will only get even better from here.

As Hugo has grown, his attention to his training has grown amazingly & he's the most well behaved boy you will see! No we're not at all biased, haha. Hugo is loved & owned by our daughter Brittany.

Hugo is such a fantastic boy, very correct & true to type as well. I just know he is going to have beautiful, clever, active & loving babies.

Our corgi's all get on great with other dogs, cats, chooks, horses, cows & kids :) Of course small children & all dogs should always be supervised.

Hugo is a red & white corgi.

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