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 Sahara 5 weeks old.

Sahara is HC and L-2-HGA CLEAR.

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 Sahara 4 months old






Sahara is the latest staffy to join our family here. She is a half sister to Topaz, and incredibly cute too!

She's a happy, quiet little girl, who follows us around everywhere we go. She loves cuddles and kisses and gets plenty of them! Sahara is loving having Topaz and the big kids to play with! She has one very special friend already, Harley. He LOVES her, follows her around all the time!! The more we get to know Sahara the more we love her. She is an absolute sweetheart!

Sahara is just dying to be one of the big kids! She follows them around the paddocks, even swimming when Mylee does, which is quite a lot! She just wants to be one of them, it's so cute to watch. We call her "Sahara Super Girl", she seems to have an old head on young shoulders! She's only 6 months old but is incredibly sensible & obedient, just a perfect baby girl.

Sahara is now one year old and is really well muscelled! She looks gorgeous & still has the same incredibly loving personality. Her favourite play activity is chasing a ball, especially into the water. She's a terrific swimmer, absolutely loves it & she's really fast too! Often beats Mylee to the ball :)

You can watch Sahara as she grows up on the photo albums page.


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