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   "TILLY"         TAZEBO MATILDA               

Tilly is a purebred English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is dark brindle with a white tail tip and some white on her chest. She's an absolutely beautiful dog and is a very loving pet. Tilly loves to come around the property with us. She's a great stick collector and loves to have a paddle in the dams (blowing bubbles is one of her favourite pastimes).

Tilly was our biggest chewer when she was younger. She would chew anything and everything! Blankets on the dogs beds, the other dogs coats, or outdoor furniture. She has improved out of sight now that she's older! Tilly especially loves balls! She can completely destroy a tennis ball in seconds! Strong jaws.Tilly's other great love is play. She will chase & wrestle with the other dogs all day long and then cuddle up for a snooze with them. Tilly's a very social girl.We love Tilly so much, she's just the best, a really top dog!!

Tilly is just the perfect mother. She takes such good care of her puppies! In fact she is just a little bit obsessed with puppies, doesn't matter who they belong to, she wants to take responsibility for them.

Tilly is now one of our desexed pets. She has decided she is to be a permanent fixture inside now, only venturing out if something really interesting looks set to happen, haha.

Tilly is just 1 year old in this pic, what a cutie!                   



 Tilly is HC and L-2-HGA CLEAR.

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